2-Way Control Arc Valves

Ideal for controlling sensitive media containing solid particles

On account of their favorable flow characteristic, LIAG® free flow arc valves are particularly suited for proportioning viscous and pasty products. Depending on the product to be proportioned LIAG® control arc valves can be delivered with various shutter qualities and linearization inserts. Control is performed via a standard 4-20mA (0-10V) electro-pneumatic actuator.

The control characteristic / rate of flow or the control range can be adapted to customers requirements.


  • No dead pockets
  • CIP/SIP capability
  • Product-saving proportioning
  • No product remainders or sticking of solid particles
  • Full linearization option of control characteristic
  • Minimum number of components and wearing parts
  • Can be completely dismantled even when welded in place
  • 3-A (51-01) and FDA compliance
  • Identical wearing and spare parts as shutter valves
  • CRN
  • 1"– 4"